Dragon’s Back – The Most Overrated Hike in Hong Kong?

So, I finally got the chance to do Dragon’s Back last week. The hike is often hailed as one of the top hikes to do in Hong Kong but if there was ever a good time to use the word ‘whelmed,’ well, now would be it. I cannot be the only person out there who was left thinking ‘What? Is that it? SRSLY?’ It left me with the same disappointment you feel when you think you’ve spotted yourself the last Malteaser chocolate in a Celebrations tin and it turns out to be just the wrapper.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I describe myself as an optimistic hiker but I’ll shed some light onto why Dragon’s Back is not my favourite. The views are average, there are plenty of other hikes to do in Hong Kong that offer far more impressive landscapes. The hike itself isn’t all too interesting or challenging. I saw women in heels and flightless one legged pigeons managing the hike no problem. I guess it’s just personal preference but I felt more accomplished making it onto the MTR as the doors beeped than I did at the top of Dragon’s Back. Finally, one of the reasons I like to hiking here is to get away from the city and its crowds… Unfortunately, tranquillity is another thing that this hike falls short on.

I’m a believer of second chances so let me know if you feel that I’ve been an unfair judge. Thanks for reading!


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