That Time I Went to Zadar – Top 5 things to do in Zadar, Croatia

I went to Zadar last summer. We booked cheap Ryanair flights and headed out for 4 days. It was always a place I’d wanted to visit and now it’s a place that I would love to revisit! Here are my top 5 things to do in Zadar…

Plitvice lakes
OK, so technically not in Zadar itself but only a 90 minute bus ride away. We went to the park on a day trip because it’s been on my bucket list for God knows how long and what a stunning place it was. The beauty will really take your breath away. I was preparing myself for the immense crowds… random limbs and selfie sticks coming at me left, right and centre but once we were past the main entrance, it really wasn’t too busy. An absolute must-do when you’re in Zadar!

Zadar is famed for its sunsets and rightly so too. There are many restaurants that do sunset meal deals, but we opted for beers from the store and chilled on the steps of the sea organ instead. The place was quite packed, with tourists and locals alike, so make sure you get there a little earlier if you want a good spot!

Greeting to the sun
We arrived in Zadar at about 10.30pm and decided to just bring some beers down to the water with us where stumbled across the Greeting to the Sun. It’s like a big circular dance floor straight out of a Michael Jackson video or something. There isn’t much more to it, but it’s right by the water and definitely has a nice atmosphere about it. I would recommend going in the evening to skip the crowds.

Zadar has some pretty impressive ruins. The Forum and Church St Donat are in the same place and are about 2000 years old! You can even go up the tower for a small fee. It was pretty cool going up all the steep steps seeing the inner workings of the tower. I felt a little like Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, except a little less hunchbacked obviously. The view from the top is amazing and you can really appreciate the stunning architecture form up there too.

Now, food is a highlight for me on most trips but the food here was absolutely amazing. A mix between Mediterranean and Italian, think fresh salads (although I will admit to having none of those ha), well-seasoned fish and delicious pasta and pizza dishes. You can pick up a giant slab of pizza here for a euro and it’s goddamn good too. My favourite restaurant was Pasta Svasta, and was recommended to us by our airbnb host. PS, you can also buy ice cream, phenomenal ice-cream, on every street and street corner. Accept that you will do this every day, twice a day. At least.

Have you ever been to Zadar? Let me know what your favourite things about the city were!

Thanks for dropping by!

Peace and travels


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