Feline Fine – Ah Meow Cat Cafe, Causeway Bay Hong Kong

I love cats. I really do. Babies don’t do it for me. What makes me coo and want to kill myself I can’t deal with the cuteness is a feline fluff ball. Some cats are so cute that sometimes I get that weird urge to eat one (apparently there is a science behind this). So, it was only natural that I go and get my coffee fix at one of Hong Kong’s cat cafes. Coffee and cats and cats and more cats… What could be better?

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Our friends recommended trying Ah Meow Cat Café in Causeway Bay. To get there, take Exit F1 at Causeway Bay MTR, take a right until the end of the street, then a left onto Lee Garden Road and then the second right. The cafe itself is a little tucked away. You have to be buzzed into the Po Ming Building and then head up to the 3rd floor.

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Cats cat cats cats cats cats

The cafe has a very homely feel. Lots of Cath Kidston colours and light floral patterns and a lot of kitty paraphernalia too. A LOT. The atmosphere was very warm and laid back so I was a little surprised that we were waited on. I was expecting a more casual set up.

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Choose your table wisely! We were seated at a table that had a cat bed. Although empty it was when we sat down, empty it was not once our drinks had been served. A tabby cat that had been hiding in the kitchen came over and made itself at home on our table and was later joined by its mate. Tabby did not seem all too thrilled about this though.

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After a while, I decided to go search for more cats. At first, I couldn’t see any but then I realised that they were everywhere! Sleeping on the shelves, tucked away under the tables, and even under the kitchen cabinets! They seemed totally unfazed by and unwanting of the eager love and affection of the customers. JUST LET ME LOVE YOU.

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Peek a boo, I see you

I did enjoy the Ah Meow Cat Cafe but I wouldn’t recommend going unless you really do love cats. You might not even get the chance to pet a cat and the coffee was quite expensive ($45 for a teeny mug of cappuccino if I remember correctly). Also, once the little chocolate cat face had melted into the foam it was a less than average tasting cup of coffee. Although I will admit that the not-so-great taste may have been because I was drinking it super slow to give us an excuse to stay longer XD.

Let me know if you have been to any other cat cafes in Hong Kong, I am very keen to try more of them!

Ah Meow Cat Cafe: 3F, Po Ming Building, 2-6 Foo Ming St


2 thoughts on “Feline Fine – Ah Meow Cat Cafe, Causeway Bay Hong Kong

  1. Always a Foreigner says:

    I’ve heard of these in Japan but never actually been to one. While I do love cats, I think a puppy cafe would be the best thing for me. 🙂

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