A Little Guide to Places to Eat in Coron Palawan

When I was booking my trip to Coron, there were a number of things I was looking forward to but the food was devastatingly not one of those things. I went to Manila one time a few years back and my memories of Filipino food consist entirely of Jollibee fried chicken and bad questionable sausage soup dishes. Luckily, it turns out that Coron has many places to go for tasty food in as well as nice little spots to grab a drink to cool you down because damn is it HOT in the Philippines.

Lobster King


Lobster King is definitely a must-go if you’re in Coron. It’s a little further out of town but still walkable, it only took us about 15 minutes to walk there from the main part of town and I would have happily walked an extra 15 to get here. The lobster was fresh, delicious and much cheaper than anywhere else I’ve been. We were seated in a cute little hut and got 200g of lobster between the two of us which came to 1400PHP. We saw lots of locals eat here and so you just know that this is a good place for food.

Kawayanan Grill


Apologies for the poor photo quality!

Again, this restaurant is a bit outside of the main town but still, it only took us a 7 minute walk to get there. Kawayanan Grill had a great atmosphere; there are lots of little huts and lanterns dotted about which gave the place quite a chilled but intimate vibe. There was an extensive list of local dishes and seafood to choose from and the menu even had crocodile on it! We ordered the seafood platter as well as two Filipino dishes here; a lechong kawali (crispy fried pork belly) and garlic kangkong (morning glory vegetable). The food was super tasty and fresh and although the place was more expensive, the bill still only came to 1500PHP for both of us including drinks. Note: This was the only place that we found locally brewed Palawan beer, if you’re a fan of beers from Brew Dog you’ll probably want to try a bottle of the Palawan stuff. I would highly recommend this restaurant if you’re staying in Coron!


If you want a good spot to catch sunset and you’ve already been up Mt Tapyas then go to Levines and head straight up to the third floor deck where you’ll be treated to nice views of the town as well as some of the surrounding islands. We decided to go a little before sunset for pre-dinner drinks in order to secure a good table and we got there just before the place started filling up. You can get a litre of beer here for 100PHP! The menu was pretty varied here, lots of local dishes, seafood, western and Asian food. We had a calamari, delicious beef sisig, a Filipino sizzling dish with a raw egg on top, and a Thai red curry which was unfortunately over salty.

Winnie’s restaurant
The first thing I noticed about this place was the decor. The checked white and blue tablecloths and simple furnishings gave this place quite a kitsch homey feel and I felt like this complemented the food here too. There was a good selection of seafood dishes as well as some Indian dishes to our surprise. We had the fish curry and steamed fish with ginger and lime and both dishes were very tasty; simple cooking with great flavours. I would definitely recommend this place as a lunch spot.

Eco Lodge
The restaurant in the Eco Lodge only opens for lunch (11:30 – 2) and dinner (6 – 9:30) but is definitely worth a stop. The Eco Lodge does western and local dishes as well as serving daily specials (although the daily specials remained the same during our entire stay). We actually went there on two occasions during our stay and found the food to be very flavoursome and they were not stingy with portions either. However, there were quite a lot of things unavailable on the menu which was a shame.

Get Real
Get Real sells mostly western dishes such as burgers and pasta; it was also one of the only places we went by that had steak on the menu! The place looks right out onto the street and there is a very chilled vibe thanks to the mellow house music in the background. We ordered a pasta carbonara and a burger here and both were well-presented and very tasty. I would say that this place served the best western food!

Los Guapos
Los Guapos is a Mexican restaurant that looks straight out onto the street. There were maybe only 4 or 5 tables here because the restaurant is pretty much just situated in the open lobby of a hotel. We ordered fajitas and quesadillas and ended up getting a pizza too because the portion sizes were quite small. To our surprise, the pizza was freshly made(!) and a good size too. All in all, the food was pretty tasty but atmosphere was a little lacking.

La Morena Café

We stopped at the Morena Café a few times because it had semi-reliable Wi-Fi. It serves mainly western food like salad, pasta and sandwiches and well as a variety of drinks. The café is a tad more expensive than other places for drinks because you tend to get more however, AVOID the strawberry smoothie! It’s literally just Nesquick powder with not one strawberry seed in sight. This is one of the only places that serve breakfast but in my opinion, you’re better off just getting something from the bakery because the food here is nothing to shout about. If you do come here though, make sure you sit upstairs because it’s light and airy and so much cooler than downstairs! PS, they also do an apple-flavored San Miguel here!

Sigbin Bar and Tattoo

As you can probably imagine, this place has a pretty cool vibe. No food here, just a selection of shakes and beers and tea and coffee. We just stopped here for a drink one afternoon but I guess it would be pretty chill place to get a coffee and people watch from the cushions since the bar looks right out onto the street. The place looked like a good spot for socialising in the evening too.

A thing to note is that the service was great at all these places. The people in Coron in general are super friendly and so as is the staff in all the restaurants and cafes and we didn’t ever have to wait too long before we were served our meals. Also, most of the restaurants we ate at were of the same price range. The most expensive places we ate at were Lobster King and Kawayanan Grill but these were my two favourite places so no grudges there!

I hope this post gives you some ideas of where to can go eat some good food in Coron!


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