Po Lo Shan – A Pineappleless Hike Up Pineapple Mountain Hong Kong

Chances are, if you’ve been to Hong Kong, you’ll know what a pineapple bun is but for those who don’t, a pineapple bun is simply a round bread bun with a crusty sweet topping. You might quite reasonably assume that a pineapple bun will have a pineappley taste or will have a pineapple filling but you would be oh so wrong. The pineapple bun gets its name from its topping which (vaguely) resembles the skin of a pineapple. The Pineapple Mountains have been named so for the same reason; small rounded bumps make up the surface on the mountains giving them a pineapple-esque look. Even though by no stretch of the imagination did I feel like I was walking on top of a humongous pineapple, the Po Lo Shan hike is definitely worth the trip out to the edge (and I mean the edge, Mainland is right there) of Hong Kong. 

Having expected a relatively easy hike, I opted for my $79 H&M pumps but the hike turned out to be a little challenging. The first part of the hike is a steep concrete road; just as we were about to embark on the great ascent we saw an old Hong Kong lady going down the road, slowly, with a stick… backwards. Ultra steep. The rest of the hike didn’t seem so bad after this. 

The main feature of the hike is quite adorably referred to as the ‘mini canyon’ which is a little generous in my opinion but it was still pretty cool. We decided to stop here for lunch and I had very appropriately brought a pineapple bun to eat. If you decide to bring a packed lunch, make sure you have a plastic bag with you so that you can take your rubbish back or you WILL get death stares from people like me. 

At the end of our descent, we found out that we had actually walked through a military firing range which could have explained the mysterious holes we had seen through various pieces of metal on our way down. When you get to these signs, you can take a left and head down to the beach where you can see right over to Shenzhen. Since you are at the very edge of Hong Kong here you have an unobstructed view of the sunset. We chilled on a rock away from the mass of people settled on a little island. If you decide to do this, bear in mind that the tide will rise and you probably won’t want to still be on that island when it does. Many people had to scramble back to the shore upon realizing this, which we watched smugly from the safety of our big rock.

Once the sun sets, I would advise you to run as quickly as possible to the bus stop because we had to wait 2.5 hours for the bus back to Yuen Long. Remember that everyone is your competition. Good luck!


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