A stroll up the Fairy Stream in Mui Ne

The Fairy Stream in Mui Ne is a small creek that snakes around some of the town’s unique red sand dunes. Having read reviews about the stream being dirty and covered in litter or ‘just a walk,’ my enthusiasm to visit the stream was lacking somewhat. Nonetheless, we decided to go one morning during our stay in  and were very pleasantly surprised by what awaited us.


Before you go, make sure you’re wearing shorts or trousers that you can roll up. Remember, you are walking through a stream so you’re going to get wet (even more so if you have bad balance or are unfortunate enough to step into a particularly squelchy area of sand). Also, bear in mind that there isn’t a lot of shade and the sand also gets very hot, so you may also want to bring a hat and flip flops unless you like feeling like you’re running over hot coal.

Our hostel was only 1km from the Fairy Stream so we just grabbed some bikes and rode out. To get there, you go along the main road by the coastline away from all the hustle and bustle of the town and eventually you will cross a small bridge, the stream is on your left. Access the stream through a café where you can also park up your bike for 10,000 dong. Someone may ask you to pay an entrance fee to the Fairy Stream but just ignore them because it’s free.


The journey upstream was very chill; gentle incline, mild current and the water was nice and cool. We passed by some interesting rock formations at the beginning of the walk but they were just a taster of what was to come. About 300m in, we found ourselves surrounded by giant red and white sand dunes and a distinctly un-earthlike environment. I know that some people have dubbed the Fairy Stream as a littler version of the Grand Canyon but I felt more like I was on the surface of Tatooine or Mars. Not that I have been to either of course but.

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Looking for the sand fairies

We continued walking upstream until we arrived at a waterfall which unfortunately paled in comparison to the magnificence of the scenery that we had passed en route. However, watching a plump Russian couple doing their own private waterfall shoot was quite amusing. On our way back down, we stopped at one of the cafes on the edge of the stream for a drink. I got a fresh coconut for 20,000 dong and was also handed a puppy to play with. Double win.


The anticlimax


Even though there was some litter here and there around the Fairy Stream, this in no way made the experience any less enjoyable. From some of the reviews I read, I was expecting to find something comparable to a landfill site! However, the scenery really was quite unique and it was a lovely way to spend the morning. So, I would even go as far as saying that it’s a ‘must-see’ if you’re in Mui Ne.




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